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Special type transformers

Dağıtım Transformatörleri

Product Range :
Power : At all powers between 10 kVA and 3150 kVA
Voltage: At all voltage levels up to 36 kV
Number of Phases: 1 phase or 3 phase
Tape : With no-load and/or on-load tap changer
Cooling : ONAN or ONAF
Use : Internal or External areas
Loss : Optional according to customer needs
Conductor : Aluminum or copper
Terminal : Optional according to customer needs

Technical Specifications:
Special type transformer needs that can meet all kinds of new and/or changing needs of the customer in industry, distribution and all other fields; Our technical team, which works at every stage by mutual consultation with the customer, listening to all kinds of needs and giving advice, meets the need by projecting and putting it into practice immediately.